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What Science Says About Braces and Self-Confidence

Do braces help children’s self-confidence? We see evidence all the time that they do. When new young patients arrive, sometimes they seem reluctant to smile because of the poor state of their teeth. On the other hand, when patients have completed their treatment, the staff here can’t help but feel enlivened by their beaming smiles when they walk out of the office.

These smiles indeed are brimming with self-confidence. And it seems intuitive that children who are confident in their smiles will tend to grow confidence in other aspects of their lives, from their relationships to their academic and career paths.

But we’re medical professionals, and we know that anecdotes and intuition do not equal scientific proof. Luckily, there have been some research studies that examine the link between orthodontic treatment and self-confidence.

The Daily Mail, a newspaper in the United Kingdom, reported that a study followed 174 kids, half of them with braces and half of them without any corrective treatment. At the beginning and at the end of the study, the kids were given questionnaires. Those who’d been in treatment felt better about themselves over all.

For those who would love the confidence gained from a beautiful smile, but may feel too shy or concerned to go through visible orthodontic treatment, Ritebite Orthodontics offers alternatives. We offer popular products like Invisalign, in addition to smaller, clear braces.

Braces, if approached with the right mindset, can be a source of confidence. If you wear braces, your braces are a message to the world that you proudly take care of yourself and are optimistic about the future. They convey that you are not afraid to put up with temporary setback in order to work for great results down the line. They say that you are your own person and that you don’t care if you look different. That’s why we love blogs and Tumblrs like Beautiful Braces Girls, Girls With Braces, and Braces Are Cool.

Whether or not there is scientific evidence that prove that braces improve self-confidence doesn’t really matter in the end. Ultimately, self-confidence comes from the inside. Braces are there to just give it a little boost.

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