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Tooth Brushing

As children’s hands and mouths are different than those of adults, they need to use toothbrushes designed for them. Both adults and children should use brushes with soft, rounded bristles for gentle cleaning. Change to a new brush approximately every three months.

For infants, wipe teeth gently (including the tongue) with a moist, soft cloth or piece of gauze. As babies grow, introduce your child to brushing with a toothbrush designed for infants, adding a small, pea-sized dab of non-fluoridated or “training” toothpaste. By the age of 2 or 3, begin to teach your child to brush more adequately. You may still need to brush in places they miss.

Suggestions for making tooth brushing less of a battle for young children may include:

​It is also helpful to create a “tooth brushing routine” and to stick to the same routine each day.

Click Here for Brushing and Flossing Instructions