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Three Types of Bad Bites

Scientists estimate around 70% of people have at least a mild malocclusion, meaning some sort of crooked teeth or misaligned bite. In other words, a perfect bite and smile is the exception rather than the norm. So if you have a “bad” bite, don’t feel bad yourself. You’re in good company after all, and luckily, you live in an age where orthodontic treatment can fix just about any bite problems.

What does an ideal bite look like? The upper teeth should overlap the lower teeth just slightly all around the U-shape of the mouth. If you don’t have that healthy bite, your bite is classified as an overbite, underbite, or crossbite: (more…)

Why is Oral Health So Important

Here at NOVA Children’s Dentistry, we’re dental professionals, so we are just naturally aware of the importance of a healthy mouth, teeth and gums. The benefits of good oral health seem self-evident to us. But for the all the other people in the world who don’t work in orthodontics or dentistry, let us break down some reasons why we know oral health to be so important. (more…)

What Science Says About Braces and Self-Confidence

Do braces help children’s self-confidence? We see evidence all the time that they do. When new young patients arrive, sometimes they seem reluctant to smile because of the poor state of their teeth. On the other hand, when patients have completed their treatment, the staff here can’t help but feel enlivened by their beaming smiles when they walk out of the office.

These smiles indeed are brimming with self-confidence. And it seems intuitive that children who are confident in their smiles will tend to grow confidence in other aspects of their lives, from their relationships to their academic and career paths. (more…)

Eight Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Teeth

Certain nervous habits like twirling your hair or tapping your fingers might annoy your friends, but they’re medically harmless. But when your habits involve your mouth, they can take a toll on your oral health by causing chipping, misalignment, and gingivitis. If you have any of the following habits, you should try to break them. If willpower doesn’t work, look into tricks, devices, or professional assistance to help. Your teeth with thank you. (more…)

How Tooth Decay Hurts Our Economy

Have you ever had a toothache that hurts so bad that you had to miss school or work to visit to the dentist? Maybe so or maybe not, but many Americans have. When you take a bird’s-eye view and look at all the people together with dental problems, you’ll find that dental issues aren’t just about one person’s discomfort. It’s a problem that affects all of society in terms of lost hours and productivity. (more…)